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Push Cap system and pouches with various powders and flavors

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Push Cap system and pouches with various powders and flavors

Clever solution in private labelling
Make your own vitamins and supplements product in Push Caps or in Pouches
We are here to help you start your own private label vitamins and supplements products under your own brand name. We are happy to provide advice using our extensive knowledge of nutritional supplements to help you design your new products. Our goal is to build an ongoing relationship with you by helping you create products that attract loyal customers. As a result this will help you ensure the long term success of your business.

We offer you various forms of cooperation
Production of contents and packaging  in Push Caps or Pouches

Push Caps + water bottles

Pouches of different flavors and additives

Making powders in bulk

Knowledge transfer

To make the choice easier, we have produced interesting products that are very interesting for end customers. We also invite you to use our experience in the production of supplements and vitamins to develop flavors according to your wishes.

Our products are FDA and GMP complaint, so you can be sure your custom formula order will be manufactured in a sanitary and safe environment. All our supplement products are made in EU.

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