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CBD Isolate

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Our pure CBD Isolate is the key ingredient for some of the
industrial hemp industry’s most recognized CBD products
(CBD Supplements, CBD Cosmetics and CBD Edibles).
Never synthetic and never fortified our naturally high CBD
material is gently refined to remove the other Cannabinoids
and unwanted compounds all the way down to a single
molecule of pure CBD crystalline Isolate. With greater than
98% potency, our CBD Isolate is processed in a highly
controlled environment and refined to guarantee industry-leading
purity and consistency.


Biosyyd is carrying out research &
development activities, provides
consultancy services in the specialized
field of bioactive compound extraction,
processing and formulation, and is an
ISO 22000:2018 and EU GMP certified
producer of Industrial Hemp derived
products and ingredients.
Our main focus is to develop scientific
processing of various active plant
materials that lead into the production of
valuable nutrients and biologically active
substances for different industries.
At our newly built processing laboratory
we created an R&D infrastructure and
developed equipment for the superfine
extraction, distillation & fractionation and
vibration separation. Moreover, we set up
an internal top-notch analytical laboratory
in order to meet the highest production
and research standards. Our longstanding
experience and expertise,
academic partners and the state of art
the facility allows us to carry out R&D
activities, develop prototypes and work
on the commercialization of novel