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BronVitSPORT Kinesiology tape.

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Who are we and what we are doing:

BronVitSPORT kinesiology tapes are characterized by high quality. Before introducing the product to the market, we personally tested the taping tapes and also required evaluation from experienced physiotherapists, to guarantee their efficiency.

Our tapes are highly elastic and will perfectly adhere to your skin thanks to the special elastic fibers, after application you feel comfortable and you will almost not realize wearing it. Tapes are manufactured from quality cotton that allows breathability and quick drying. As well the tapes are waterproof, so you can freely go swimming or have a bath.

Our tapes are used by teams in 1st football, ice hockey, and basketball leagues in our county, as well as by hospitals and many physiotherapists.

For professional sports activity, but also for your everyday life!
The great advantage of BronVit tapes is its versatility. The tapes are not only for athletes, although the tape was originally developed for their usage. Today you can tape any individual, active sportsmen, seniors suffering from different types of muscle pain, babies having a belly ache.

The characteristic and positive impact of BronVit tape

Tape characteristics
– High elasticity up to 160 %
– Waterproof
– Perfect adhesion
– Breathable
– Latex-free
– Hypoallergenic

The positive impact of the tape

– Relieves pain
– Strengthens muscles and tendons
– Stabilizes joints and also supports mobility
– Increases skin flexibility and smooths scars
– Activates blood circulation
– Encourages optimal muscle engagement
– Helps to harmonize internal body balance