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GoGoNano™ Fresh – Dual Function Shoe Freshener, 150ml

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Clothing & Fashion

Fresh is an eco-friendly, 100% natural product that helps to give all textile, leather and suede shoes an attractive and clean scent, while killing off the source of bad smells.
Its main properties include:

* One-for-all solution
* 100% natural and eco-friendly formula
* Easy and safe to use. Leaves no stains
* Elimination of bad odours for up to one month
* Utilization of probiotics to kill off the source of bacteria
* 100% eco-friendly, customer friendly and planet friendly aerosol supplied by AiroPack. True 360 performance – consistent, controlled output.

You only get to make a first impression once. Why allow bad odours from your shoes, boots or other items the opportunity to ruin your first impressions? Although leathers, suede and textiles have a naturally appealing scent, they can start to smell after a while. That’s where GoGoNano Fresh comes in.

This brand-new aerosol-based shoe freshener is designed to deal with bad odours. Rather than just functioning as a traditional deodorant, Fresh not only gets rid of the smells but thanks to the probiotics that eat away at the source of bad odours it makes sure the problem is kept at bay at all times.

It’s incredibly easy to use, you just spray Fresh inside your shoes or to get rid of those unpleasant smells that occur when they’ve been on your feet for many hours a day. After spraying, you need to leave it for at least 20 to 30 minutes until it has dried completely. By then, those rotten, unappealing smells have been completely neutralised. The clever part is that when the shoes are taken off and the smell starts to build up again, the probiotics start to work again, eliminating the hideous odours and leaving your shoes fresh again. The effects will last for up to one month, which is a first in the footwear industry.

But don’t limit the usefulness of Fresh to only your shoes – the spray can be used on whatever surfaces that are prone to bad smells.

Like all GoGoNano products, Fresh has been made with the planet and the environment firmly in mind. Therefore, you can use it to keep bad odours at bay without harming the planet.