Eagle Touch Technologies Co.ltd

Eagle Touch Technologies Co.ltd

Eagle Touch Technologies was established in 2007. At the beginning, we worked as a Resistive Touch screen manufacturer with resistive 4/5 wire and later for PCAP touch screen and LCD distributor for
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Product description

Touch Screen
Eagle Touch Provides:

4 wire resistive touchscreen
5 wire Resistive touchscreen
Projected Capacitive touchscreen

Industrial TFT Displays
Eagle Touch provides rugged, industrial level TFT LCD displays mainly for Japan brand. We have stable sources and stock available .


Touch Monitor/PC
Eagle Touch Develops a multitude of Customized Display system solutions for industrial application

Open Frame
Touch Monitor
Panel PC

Company description

Eagle Touch Technologies Co. Ltd was established in 2007. We started with resistive touch screen production in the beginning and engaged in the Touch Industrial field for more than a decade. With the progress of the touch technology and touch products market expansion, touch screens are used everywhere in our life, public and private spaces like Shopping Malls, Restaurants, Multi-Media, Phones, Computers, Cars, Smart Homes, Hospitals and so on.

Around 10 years ago, the main touch technology was resistive touch Technology and surface acoustic wave touch technology. Then, Infrared touch technology was popular for a while. Nowadays, in today’s market, most consumers are using projected capacitive touch Technology, which features the touch function having advanced from single Touch to real Multi-touch.