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PINI – KAY  BBQ briquettes with ECO-firelighter inside from the Ukrainian company JARCO is the type of hard fuel, eco-alternative to the ordinary firewood or coal. Our briquettes are made of biodegradable waste. It’s 100% walnut shells, with absolutely no additives. This type of solid fuel is environmentally friendly. Let’s save our trees and nature.

  • Long time cooking
  • Juicy barbecue thanks to walnut oil
  • No unpleasant flavor of coal
  • 100% walnut without additives

Firelighter sticks:

  • Easily ignited
  • Natural: just wood &
    candle wax

We developed our packaging to make it comfortable to carry in hands and simple to ignite. Just take off the included firelighters, ignite them, and put the whole packet above. That’s all.

Modern briquettes – the pressed shell of the walnut with no additives. The agglutinative chemicals are not in use during their production process, therefore at the time of combustion exceptionally natural elements get into the atmosphere. Our briquettes has a presence of small amount of oils, that makes its surface pleasant for tactile sensations. Also thanks to these volatiles (oils) in the nutshells, the process of burning takes place mainly on the surface of briquettes, as a result we get especially high warm flame with pleasant for human eyes yellow colour.