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Innovative Electric Linear Actuator and Gripper (Direct Drive)


Electrify your Impakt
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KOMP-ACT wants to set a new industry standard with its novel direct driver elecric actuators and grippers replacing pneumatic devices.

We aim for a greener industry to contribute for a carbon neutral future.

For this mission we are looking for distributors who are thrilled by bringing to the the market a disruptive product technology and being part of a new industry.

Our product solutions are competitive respect to standard pneumatics in terms of price, dimensions weight and have all the beneftis of the electric solutions.

KOMP-ACT’s actuators and electric grippers are a patented 100% electric solution providing:

up to 95% energy efficient;
instantaneous motion,

high speed, indeed very fast trasnfer time.

high cycling rate
setup stroke and speed with an easy-to-use end-user interface;
built-in design with fewer components to install.