Macadamia Nut Products

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We are an international company with years of experience and the widest range of macadamia nut products!

For almost 15 years, our company’s activity has been focused in particular on macadamia nuts and their products. Therefore, we are able to offer the best quantity/price/quality ratio. We have our own macadamia nut tree plantations and valuable products. We are farmers and manufacturers under one roof.

We focused a lot of attention on creating completely new and unheard products from macadamia nuts. Our products are a healthier alternative to typical products! It is a completely new discovery for you and a great achievement for us. We were able to create something that is infinitely healthy and at the same time delicious with the help of professionals, great desire and motivation!

Our product range:

3 types of Macadamia nut milk

  • 3% Fat content (different flavours possible)
  • 10% Fat content (different flavours possible)
  • Barista Edition

8 types of Macadamia nut flour pasta:

  • Natural (with or without egg)
  • With spinach (with or without egg)
  • With blueberries (with or without egg)
  • With beetroot (with or without egg)

8 types of Macadamia nut butter:

  • Creamy or crunchy
  • With honey or stevia
  • With ginger or cocoa, or raspberries
  • Naturally salted

4 types of Macadamia roasted nuts:

  • Natural
  • Salted
  • With chilli
  • Caramelized

Macadamia nut oil:

  • Extra virgin/unrefined/cold pressed