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SB Alliance Pvt Ltd

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We are a manufacturer of plastics household products and toothbrushes based out of Oman and Pakistan. We have over 40 years of experience in this field and have worked extensively with export clients across the global. We produce bespoke client label toothbrushes for our export customers, and additionally have been very successful with our own brand in the Middle East. Our products are produced with high quality components, we use primary form virgin plastic and Nylon brush bristles from Dupont (USA). Additionally we run German robotic machinery production lines, which lead to impeccable quality creation and control standards.Note that we can produce bespoke 2 to 3 color tone toothbrushes as well.


If interested please send an email and we can send our brochure with our fantastic product range. Also we are more than happy to send over samples as pictures may not do justice to our quality level!


Looking forward to discussing further.