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Living Buddha®

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Living Buddha® is photonic nutrition that can influence your light energy – your vibrational state – and support your soul’s evolution.

All ingredients ethically sourced, 100% natural & vegan, and pure for your soul, heart, mind, and body – non-GMO, with no chemicals or animal ingredients, and all raw materials are lab tested. Living Buddha® comes with a unique violet glass (no plastic) to support and protect the highest vibration of biophoton energy.

The biophoton sequence analysis of Living Buddha® has proved that with 58.719%, the emphasis is on energetic information for the energy sector, followed by 38.612% of the physical sector’s energetic information. The conclusion is that the strength of the “biophoton-effect” is for the energy and body.

The human biofield is charging with biophotons – these are quantum particles of light that transmit energy and information between our cells. This amount of light plays a significant role in your health and consciousness!