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Workforce management and access control platform
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While our software integration is essential for your operation, our platform enables efficient business interactions and orchestration of vital assets. It gives you a competitive edge today and prepares you for a successful tomorrow. Time&Space is a Workforce Management and Access Control platform that enables you to collect, organize, manage and optimise time and access information and turn it into a value that benefits all platform users.

1. Time Management
Our workforce management platform comprises modules that handle all your time management segments – from planning and scheduling through attendance and absence tracking to using business intelligence to report and analyze the wealth of data.

2. Project Time Tracking
Project Time Tracking module helps you better plan and budget your project team activities. Utilize your resources more efficiently. Focus on tasks that save money and increase productivity. Capture all billable hours, deliver projects on time and within budget.

3. Access Control
Secure your business without reducing anyone’s mobility or sense of comfort. Shape your working place according to your security demands and rules. Define who and when can access what kind of resources and information in your environment.