Airplane Hygienic Organizer & Messenger Bag

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I am looking for a sales agency/distributor for my newest product,  Airplane Hygienic Organizer & Messenger Bag.

With the traveling industry slowly picking up during the pandemic, travelers are seeking ways to air travel safely and hygienically. Our Airplane Hygienic Organizer serves exactly for this purpose, yet its convertible messenger bag can be used on a daily basis. I trust that with the help from Channel Distribution, this is going to be a huge product as the country re-opens.

This product opens up a new region in the traveling industry as we face no competitions, and customers are loving the product.

If you are also interested in representing this brand and introducing this product to your client list, we are more than willing to discuss the terms of such cooperation.

ABOUT COPPER MI: As travel enthusiasts, we constantly think of ways to enhance our travel experience. Not only do we want to commute with the right gear, we create solutions that combine functionality with modern lifestyle design. Driven by passion, we always work to empower others to live and travel the same way.