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Immufen – Medical products for supportive therapy in cancer patients

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Medical products for supportive therapy in cancer patients.

  • Immufen cream for Hand-Foot syndrome
    -a medical product rich in ingredients that create a moist and lubricating barrier on the skin. The resulting film mitigates the course of side effects of some chemotherapeutics and biological drugs, for example hand-foot syndrome (palmar-plantar erythrodysesthesia).
  • Immufen Gel for skin after radiotherapy
    -a medical gel product for proper moisturizing and lubrication of the skin that creates a protective barrier near the areas subjected to radiation. Enhances natural regenerative processes by creating a suitable effective layer.
  • Immufen Herbal Capsules
    -registered as a dietary supplement. The capsules contain the highest quality forms of active ingredients that contribute to the normal function of the immune system, liver and digestive tract health. Recommended for patients using Immufen Cream or Immufen Gel.