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ood day !
My name is Zharylkasyn Yerasyl and I am a senior sales manager for UniCare Japan.
Unicare Japan has been on the Kazakhstan market for 3 years. In this short period of time, we have achieved good results. We also enter the markets of the CIS countries and beyond. We are the owners of the brands “Mello” “Tomono”. As for the diapers themselves, they are Japanese quality, hypoallergenic, leak-free and of course very comfortable. Due to these key qualities our end consumers love us.
We offer not only diapers, we also have related products, this;
1) Wet wipes, they do not smell and do not contain alcohol.
2) Breast pumps, manual and electronic.
3) Branded backpacks for mothers
Our terms of cooperation are very simple, they are:
1) We work only on prepayment
2) Pickup from the city of Almaty or from a factory in China