Marcus Widell

Sales Manager

Stockholm, Sweden

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Nordic Lab is, first and foremost, a company that focuses on the development and sales of of highly innovative OTC and consumer healthcare products. We passionately seek to improve people’s health, both locally in Sweden as well as globally! On top of that, we are always seeking for better products that create ultimate value for consumers, not just in the healthcare sector but whichever sector we believe we can help consumers the most.

If you are a product developer or manufacturer looking to get into the Swedish and Scandinavian market, Nordic Lab is the firm to contact. But why should you pair up with us? Our firm is made up of two “titans of industry” with decades of experience with selling products, helping people through innovative products, and building up brands to a global level. In addition to that, we have a newly graduated hire that is hungry for success and passionate about what he does.

If this is on any interest to you who is reading this, then do not hesitate to shoot us a message here on LinkedIn, or send an email to “” and we will do all we can to see if our two firms would be a good fit!