EU-distributors.com is the place to find your new commercial partner. On our marketplace you can advertise to find new distributors of your product or register in our publicly available catalogue of distributors, commercial agents and sole distributors.

EU-distributors.com is also the place to find information on statutes and rules applying when distributing your products within the European market through different kinds of intermediaries, i.e. commercial agents and sole distributors. You can follow new jurisprudence on the subject, and articles and news will be published on a regular basis.

If you are a sales agent, and you are searching for new products for your corporation, you can search among manufacturers, who wish to enter the market with which you are familiar. It is also on EU-distributors.com that you find objective and thorough information on sole distributors and commercial agents, as well as advice on how to ensure yourself contractually.

In time EU-distributors.com will contain information on commercial agents and sole distributors throughout Europe. We are currently working on that. If you are advising on statutes and rules regarding the distribution of goods by means of commercial agents and sole-distributors in Europe, and are you interested in collaborating with us in disseminating understanding on the subject, we would very much like to hear from you.

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