Commercial Agents

It can be difficult to determine, which marketing channels your corporation should apply in international markets. For the largest corporations sales and marketing will usually ensue through subsidiaries that hire employees locally and independently generate the sales-unit; however for medium-sized and small corporations the costs of establishment are often so large that they create an actual impediment for expansion.

Sole-distributors and commercial agents are therefore a widespread and realistic alternative for small and medium-sized corporations who wish to expand in foreign markets. The sole-distributor and the commercial agent are familiar with the local market conditions, they already have a sales-organisation at their disposition, and it is obvious that the founding- and developments-costs, related to entering a new market will be remarkably lower than the costs related to the establishing of a new sales-organisation.

The European Union’s internal market is presently far more integrated than earlier and e-commerce has made direct marketing to the end-user possible, reaching far beyond the corporation’s habitual geographical market. However the sole-distributor and the commercial agent are far from superseded by this development. Proximity and a well-organised sales-organisation still increase the chances of success considerably, and the marketing of more complex products as well as branded products often necessitates local intensified service and counsel.

On we have gathered information on commercial agents and sole-distributor within the European Union and we offer free dissemination of contact between suppliers and manufactures and possible local merchants. To commence an export-adventure to other European markets has never been more straightforward!